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Don’t wait until the end of the year to list your firm, or start looking for a practice. Finding the right Buyer, or the right Practice to purchase, can, and should, take time. Interest rates are increasing over last year but SBA and Conventional loans are still available and a good option for practice acquisitions. Most firms are still selling for more than 1x gross without carrying back large notes. Contact us today for current market information.

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Current Tax & Accounting Firms for Sale

Last Updated: December 7, 2023

LocationPriceGross RevenueNet + DiscretionaryTax Prep IncomeBookkeeping IncomeOther IncomeIndividual Average FeeEntity Average Fee
Arroyo Grande$525,000$567,463$201,452$373,350$190,113N/A$536$865
Culver City$378,000$378,634$177,302$324,407$37,147$14,880$543$1,221
Foster City$425,000$397,332$161,375$397,332N/AN/A$1,190$1,632
Fresno Region$800,000$738,769$494,422$546,100$40,000$152,669$900$2,337
Mendocino Remote$150,000$141,334$112,792$141,334N/AN/A$419$695
Menlo Park$900,000$767,834$479,235$761,053Included in 1120S fee.$6,781$1,772$1,265
San Luis Obispo$312,000$247,229$166,601$231,464$42,766$1,035$1,545
Santa Barbara$550,000$522,992$257,417$359,252$117,975$45,765$520$845
Santa Clara$2,000,000$1,814,332$891,342$1,718,855$95,477$1,353$1,587
Simi Valley$395,000$379,907$202,547$283,105$104,258$4,983$378$600
Virtual – San Diego Based$500,000$438,304$438,304$27,155$1,147$2,922
Westlake Village$110,000$92,551$81,442$70,371$22,180$510$1,485

Sale Pending

LocationPriceGross RevenueNet + DiscretionaryTax Prep IncomeBookkeeping IncomeOther IncomeIndividual Average FeeEntity Average Fee
Los Gatos$350,000$274,619$242,214$183,646$90,973N/A$1,515$2,122
Manhattan Beach$320,000$262,593$177,293$250,717$11,876$500$2,733
San Diego$250,000$225,110$181,215$173,877$51,233$381$529
Santa Clara II$100,000$83,408$71,477$72,607$10,801$401$1,640
Studio City$1,050,000$879,432$715,190$594,943$75,000$209,489$784$1,867
Virtual – Cupertino$250,000$190,592$102,592$190,592N/AN/A$495$968

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Accounting & Tax Brokerage is a full service business brokerage firm exclusively providing services to the Accounting & Tax Industry. 

ATB is operated by seasoned tax professionals with over 50 years of private practice experience. 

We understand the relationship you’ve built with your clients, and our goal is to find a successor who will care for your firm just as you have.

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