CPA Firm in Campbell, CA for sale. Gross Revenue of approximately $530,000 is broken down to 62% Tax Preparation services, 35% Financial Statement reporting and 3% Misc./Consulting/Sales Tax/etc. Over 90% of clients routinely drop off/email/mail documents and approximately 10% coming in to the office for an appointment. Firm currently uses Lacerte, Quickbooks and CSA. Much more information is available via the Practice Profile. Please complete the Buyer Profile and NDA online via the link below and the Practice Profile will be available for download immediately after submission.





Business Type

CPA Firm

Gross Revenue


Net + Discretionary


Tax Prep Income


Bookkeeping Income


Other Income


Individual Clients


Average Fee


Entity Clients


Average Fee


Revenue Breakdown

62% Tax Preparation
3% Misc Accounting
35% Accounting/Financial Statements

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