CPA Firm for Sale in Roseville, CA. This Firm is comprised of 2 shareholders who are looking to reduce their workload and spend more time with family. The practice has been in the same downtown Roseville location for almost 20 years and the building is available for rent or lease if the Buyer wants to keep the office in the same location. Practice is best suited to a personable EA or CPA who has a strong tax background working with individuals and small businesses. Gross revenue of $432k is derived from 350 individual returns with an avg. fee of $453, plus 109 Entities (breakdown below) with an avg. fee of $952, as well as Accounting/Bookkeeping/Payroll/Misc. revenue. Firm currently uses Drake tax software along with Quickbooks and Office Tools. Firm operates with a 55%+ net profit after Seller Wages and Discretionary Expenses are accounted for. Much more information is available on the Practice Profile, including the 2021 P&L. Please log-in to your account for immediate access, including the ability to download the Practice Profile pdf and update your preferred distance preferences for notifications.

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Business Type

CPA Firm

Gross Revenue


Net + Discretionary


Tax Prep Income


Bookkeeping Income


Other Income


Individual Clients


Average Fee


Entity Clients


Average Fee


Revenue Breakdown

Entity Breakdown:
20 - 1120 @ $928 avg fee.
50 - 1120S @ $928 avg. fee
20 - 1065 @ $916 avg fee
10 - 1041 @ $1,100
9 - 990 @ $1,051

Accounting & Other Service Revenue Breakdown:
Payroll Prep $16,648
Accounting $151,836
Medical Billing $81,278
Misc./Consulting $7,489
Tax Planning $47,865
Tax Audit $9,134
Monthly Fixed Fee Arrangements (Acct, Tax & Tax Planning) $38,462
**Amounts above represent 100% of the practice revenue of $615,322. Seller is retaining $182,577 of this revenue.

Gross Revenue Included in Sale - $432,745

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