CPA firm for sale in Sacramento, CA. This Sole-Proprietor CPA firm was established by the Seller in 1986 and has been operating in its current location for 18 years. This firm enjoys high average fees along with a great mix of revenue sources and is priced for a quick and efficient sale by a motivated Seller. Approximately 5% of clients come in for an appointment, 40% drop-off, 30% prefer to mail in and the remaining 25% send in electronically. Firm generates approximately $816k gross revenue from 305 Individuals with an average fee of $940 and 106 Entities with an avg. fee of approx. $1,363. The remaining 48% of revenue is derived from compiled and reviewed financial statements as well as a small amount of payroll. The firm operates from a 1600 sqft. office space located in a professional building with plenty of parking and easy Hwy 80 access. The clientele will only transition to a CPA with a background in tax & accounting and who can assist clients with tax planning and personal financial guidance. Practice currently utilizes CCH Prosystem FX for tax preparation as well as CCH Engagement, Practice CS, and QuickBooks. Much more information is available on the Practice Profile. Please log-in to your account for immediate access including the ability to download the Practice Profile pdf and update your distance preference.

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Business Type

CPA Firm

Gross Revenue


Net + Discretionary


Tax Prep Income


Bookkeeping Income


Other Income


Individual Clients


Average Fee


Entity Clients


Average Fee


Revenue Breakdown

Entity Average Fee Breakdown:
6 - 1120 @ $1,600 avg. fee
46 - 1120S @ $1,800 avg. fee
29 - 1065 @ $1,200 avg. fee
25 - 1041 @ $690 avg. fee

Accounting Service Revenue Breakdown:
3 - Payroll Clients with an avg. of 15 payees per client - $5,500
6 Quarterly Accounting - $60,000
10 Annual Accounting - $19,000

Reviewed & Compiled Monthly Financial Statements - $290,000

Other Services/Consulting - $10,255

Approximately 52% of revenue comes from tax and 48% from accounting services including compilations and reviews from a large grocery chain located all around California.

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