Selling Your Practice

Accounting & Tax Brokerage is comprised of a team of industry professionals who understand the sensitive nature of practice transitions. 

The Pillars of ATB

Confidentiality, professionalism, and uncompromising customer service are the cornerstones of our firm. 

We will guide you through each step with care and a level of  expertise you won’t find anywhere else. 

A Fluid Transition

Finding the “right fit” in a buyer is as important as the financial terms of the sale.  Assuring that your clients will transition to someone who values your clientele as much as you do, is our ultimate goal.

The first step in the selling process will be to contact us and/or complete the Seller Profile.

You may complete the profile via the link above or, we can email/fax the profile to you. This form provides us with most of the practice details necessary to value and advertise your firm. We receive additional details necessary via an in-person or phone conversation with you.

This one-on-one conversation allows us to learn more about you, your firm, and answer any questions you, or we, may have. Your Seller Profile is a confidential form.

Only certain information will be used for advertising purposes and will never include your name, exact location, or anything else that would identify you as the seller.

Personalized service that leads to results

Our buyers have contacted us and taken the time to provided a Buyer Profile and a confidentiality agreement.

Their profile includes information on their education, certification, financing needs, experience and their ability to perform to ensure that a qualified match exists prior to providing confidential information on your firm. We obtain this information before providing any details other than the general information that you can find on our listings page.

We then forwarded this information to the Seller so that we may discuss buyer suitability. All of this occurs before the potential buyer knows the name of the practice, the exact location, or the sellers name.

Accounting and Tax practices are valued using our effective valuation method. Most tax practices are valued by gross revenues with variances for factors such as average fee, number of clients, profit margin, assumability of lease, equipment, services rendered, location, pending litigation etc. Each practice is individually evaluated for maximum potential. We provide input with regard to our valuation but you, as the seller, have the ultimate authority to set the asking price. Most buyers and sellers are familiar with the 100% of revenue valuation. However, this isn’t always the case. Most firms will realize a value from 85% to 120% of revenues. A firm with 1,000 clients and an average fee of $200 won’t have the same value as a firm with 200 clients with a $1,000 average, even though they have the same gross revenue. However, the 1,000 client firm could have a higher value if it has lower overhead and a higher net profit.

We take a “hands on” approach in establishing business relationships. Our presence is known throughout the counties within our sales regions. Utilizing technology, networking and old fashioned hard work we are able to reach the most qualified buyers.

Our agents and brokers are reaching out to individuals in the field every day, speaking and meeting with accounting and tax offices throughout our region. This approach allows us to create a personal bond with those practitioners wanting to buy or sell.

The Principals at ATB understand the Tax & Accounting business. We are practicing Enrolled Agents with over 30 years of experience, and because of that experience, we understand the relationships you’ve created with your clients.

This foundation enables ATB to efficiently, and effectively, serve the unique needs of the accounting community, including a thorough understanding of your practice details and operations.

ATB is located in North San Diego County and operates throughout the Western United States. our recent sales include practices in CA, CO, OR, WA, AZ, HI, and NV.

It's not only what we know, but who we know.

Please feel free to stop by during any of our events to chat about your firm so we can answer any questions you may have.

This is also where we meet many industry professionals who are looking to purchase a practice.

If you are interested in selling then getting your information to us before these events will increase the exposure for your firm and expedite your sale.