San Diego

EA firm for sale in San Diego, CA ref# SDC123. This firm is well established in the community and has been in the same location for the past 50 years. The Seller has owned and operated the practice for the last 20 of those years and is now looking forward to retirement. The EA Seller is available to continue working for a couple of years, on a part-time or limited basis, to help with client retention and workload. During tax season, there is 1 seasonal contract admin from a temp agency that works 6 days a week for 5 hours a day. The Seller is willing to to take on this role and see clients during the tax season if it will help the Buyer. There is no other staff associated with the sale. Approximately 83% of clients drop off their tax documents for return preparation, while 5% like to come in for an appointment, 7% mail-in, and the remaining 5% remit electronically. The current office is likely available to the Buyer if they want to keep the practice in the same place, or the firm can be relocated to another location in the area. The Firm provides tax services to multiple individuals and entities in various industries with a couple in construction and food & beverage. The practice generates gross revenue $225k from 381 individuals with an average fee of $381, 54 entities with an average fee of $529 (see breakdown below), and $51k in bookkeeping, payroll and sales taxes. Firm currently uses Ultra Tax as well as QuickBooks. The clientele will transition best to an EA or CPA with a strong background in tax who is accurate, knowledgeable and personable. Much more information is available on the Practice Profile. Please log-in to your account for immediate access including the ability to download the Practice Profile pdf and update your distance preference.

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Business Type

EA Firm

Gross Revenue


Net + Discretionary


Tax Prep Income


Bookkeeping Income


Other Income

Individual Clients


Average Fee


Entity Clients


Average Fee


Revenue Breakdown

Entity Average Fee Breakdown:
1120 - 5 @ $578 avg fee
1120S - 7 @ $630 avg fee
1065 - 8 @ $610 avg fee
1041 - 34 @ $481 avg fee

Bookkeeping Income Breakdown:
Bookkeeping Services:
2 Monthly Clients with an average fee of $360/mo
6 Annual Clients with an average fee of $1,000/yr
Payroll Services:
16 Payroll Clients with an average of 3 payees per client and an average annual revenue of $2,268 each.

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