San Diego (Kearny Mesa)

CPA firm for sale in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego, CA. ref# SDC123. This Dual-Proprietor firm has been operating in its current location for 13 years. It’s central location allows easy access for clients to attend in-office appointments as well as drop-off their documents. Approximately 65% of clients come in for an appointment while the other 35% drop-off, mail-in or electronically upload their documents to the Sellers. The firm can be moved from its current location but should remain centrally located for client retention purposes. Firm provides bookkeeping, payroll, accounting and tax services to multiple individuals and entities. Practice generates gross revenue of $328k from 903 Individuals with an average fee of $364, plus $259k from 205 Entities with an average fee of $1,263 (see breakdown below). An additional $297k of revenue from Reviews, Compilations, Write-up, Payroll, Consulting and other services provided. Firm uses Lacerte for tax preparation as well as QuickBooks. Sellers are looking for a CPA that is knowledgeable in all aspects of taxation and accounting, be easily able to exhibit their competence as well as convey that they are organized and efficient while providing excellent service to the clients. Much more information is available on the Practice Profile. Please log-in to your account for immediate access including the ability to download the Practice Profile pdf and update your distance preference.

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Business Type

CPA Firm

Gross Revenue


Net + Discretionary


Tax Prep Income


Bookkeeping Income


Other Income


Individual Clients


Average Fee


Entity Clients


Average Fee


Revenue Breakdown

Entity Revenue Breakdown:
23 - 1120 @ $1,921 avg. fee
127 - 1120S @ $1,470 avg. fee
45 - 1065 @ $508 avg. fee
10 - 990 @ $526 avg. fee

Accounting Services:
1 - Review @ $16,820
Bookkeeping - $3,920
Compilation - $14,200
Payroll (Inc. Prep & Sales Tax) - $34,829
Write-up - $79,586
Sales Tax Return - $7,763

Other Services:
50 - 571-L Property Tax @ $229 avg. fee - $11,470
Consulting - $78,135
Tax Examinations - $1,275
AB 150 Filings - $9,600
Document Prep - $1,700
5500 – Retirement Plans - $1,980
Retainer Fees Revenue - $9,600

Courtesy Discounts & Reimbursed Expenses - -$13,909

ERC Amended Returns - $ 40,018
(Non-recurring revenue for ERC amended returns)

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